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    Transparent Backgrounds, Finally!

    Gabe DeWitt

      Tableau 2018.3 just released, and with it came a fix to one of the core issues I've had with Tableau's dashboard/worksheets,

      the ability to set fully transparent backgrounds to worksheets in dashboards!


      This updated really opens up the visualization potential of Tableau, allowing for better UI design, layering of graphs over pictures, graphs over graphs/maps...I think this is a game changing update.

      I'm also excited to see how well the emf image exports load into Ai with the new transparent background abilities...


      Here's a quick Transparent Background update I made from a project I'm working on.


      Transparent_background_Tableau_Gabe_DeWitt_1.png Transparent_background_Tableau_Gabe_DeWitt_2.pngTransparent_background_Tableau_Gabe_DeWitt_3.png Transparent_background_Tableau_Gabe_DeWitt_4.png


      Step 1.  right click and select format


      Step 2.  Select Shading


      Step 3. Select none



      Step 4. Some just for fun, add a semi-transparent box behind the graphs to help set them apart from the background.



      And that's it!


      An aside toward this example dashboard for transparent worksheet backgrounds

      This is still in development, and will be going through many changes as the project grows.

      Be sure to check back on the Biomeridian Dashboard for data and visualization updates from Biomeridian.org