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    Tableau Server Combatibility

    Stuart Morton

      I have V10.0.2 installed on my machine.  The Tab Server I am accessing is running off of V10.5.4.  Is there any way from my machine, when I access the Tab Server, I can download any of the workbooks on the Tab Server and downgrade them to 10.0.2?


      I have searched the forums and read all of the compatibility workarounds I can find (changing version and certain text within Notepad) and nothing seems to work.  All I want to know is there any functionality within Tab Server that I am missing that can downgrade a workbook?  Lastly, I cannot use any of the web based conversion tools like Data + Science because of the sensitivity of the information on the workbooks.


      Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me with my issue.

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Stuart,


          Tableau Server can downgrade a workbook to work with earlier versions of Tableau Desktop, but the earliest version available is 10.2:


          Workbook Version Compatibility - Tableau


          You would need to upgrade Tableau Desktop to 10.2 or later to take advantage of this functionality.

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            Stuart Morton

            It seems that you are not understanding what I am trying to say.  Could you please give me a call and help me troubleshoot this?  (1430 EST).  I haven’t found anything on the forums regarding my issue.


            Stuart Morton

            The Citadel, Class of 2018


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              Carisa Chang

              Hi Stuart,


              If you are looking for direct assistance, you'll need to engage the Tableau Technical Support team, who will be able to call and work through the issue with you.


              If you open the link provided above, there are detailed instructions for downgrading a workbook from Tableau Server to be opened in an earlier version of Tableau Desktop:


              Downgrade your workbook

              If you need to publish your workbook to an earlier version of Tableau Server or share your workbook with someone using an earlier version of Tableau Desktop, you can downgrade your workbook to a previous version. The downgraded workbook can be opened in the selected version and later.

              Any features not available in that previous version will be removed when the workbook is downgraded. The earliest version that you can downgrade to is Tableau Desktop 10.2.

              Note: These features are not available for workbooks that include a Tableau Data Extract that has been refreshed in version 10.5. The extract will have been converted to use the new .hyper format and this format can't be downgraded back to a .tde format. For more information about the .hyper extract format, see Extract Upgrade to .hyper Format.

              Tableau Online or Tableau Server to Tableau Desktop

              If you are using Tableau Server or Tableau Online, you can downgrade a workbook to be opened in an older version of Tableau Desktop.

              In Tableau Server or Online, open the view you'd like to downgrade. Select Download > Tableau Workbook and select the version that you want to downgrade to. The workbook will download to your computer.

              Any features or functionality that aren't available in the older version are removed for compatibility.