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    published data source corrupting when underlying hive data schema altered??


      for anyone who is using hive HDFS and publishing to tableau server....  we are having a recurring issue of published data sources no longer working when any changes are made to the underlying data. for example, yesterday we changed one element from an integer to a string and now every calculation has a red exclamation mark even though the calculations do not use the one element that was changed. the element we changed is not used in any workbooks.


      I am wondering this has something to do with some setting or Tableau (10.5 in our case) automatically aliasing the data elements? we have a element called "category description" and after the overnight refresh and ETL each calculated field that references that field is broken and is looking for "category_description". before the overnight refresh the calculated fields were looking for "category description" without the underscore!


      has anyone had this experience? it only happens when we change something in the underlying tables. help!!!