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    Dashboard/work book titile first glance take the max date, but if filter changes chagne the date and content accordingly

    sindhu gullapalli

      Hi All,


      I am stuck with an issue, trying to set up the dashboard tilte with max date in the data.

      So requirement is when you open the dashboard at first glance it should show the data as per the max data available, and provide user facility that change the dates and content should updte accordingly.  when next month server refreshes with new data irrespective of date in filter title should set max date .


      currently i have tried with Max date function in calculated fields, and parameter option to chang ethe dates...both are working fine independently.

      but when trying to made them work..its working as if you change the date in parameter its not changing in the title ..insted if you parameter in the title, as its a static field next month it will not update automatically.


      please help here, if any one has inputs on this how to resolve this issue.


      Thanks in Advance!!.