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    I only want to show a graph if the n value is larger than 14

    Sander Geysen

      Hi there,


      As you all know privacy has been a key topic in 2018.

      For this reason I need to "stop" my graphs from showing when the n value goes below 14 (which can be a result of a filter combination).

      I hope you'll be able to help me - you can find my case below:


      When the number of respondents (count ID) of dimension A becomes smaller than 14 (as a result of filtering) - the graph should not be shown.



      I used the following formula: IF (COUNT([ID]) >= 14) THEN COUNT([Variable A])  ELSE 0 END


      When I use this formula it doesn't count the number of respondents that belong to Group A (In this case 1.600) , instead it counts the number of individual respondents per specific segment (for instance: dark blue 678).


      How can I make sure the formula calculates the COUNT for the entire dimension (eg: Group A: dark blue + light blue + orange + gray).