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    Maxime Huot

      Hi guys,


      i'm struggling really hard with an option i want to create on a dashboard.


      I have a parameter which shows different levels of detail (Market, Sub Market, Product)


      I have created a Market share formula.


      Many filters can be applied on the table however i want my Market share to be dependent of the whole Submarket. Therefore I have created a fixed on Sub Market and all the filters.


      My problem is that my fixed formula is displayed well when viewing Submarket or Product but I want the "fixed" to move to Market when parameter is Market.


      I have tried to make a case but it isn't working


      CASE [Parameter] 

      WHEN [Market] then   [Fixed Market]

      ELSE [Fixed Submarket]



      Any Ideas?


      Thanks in advance

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Try this with these options


          Option 1: Create a Boolean calculated field like this and use it in filters shelf and select "True". It will filter the related info which you've selected from parameter. May be you need to put it on context if applicable because you've FIXED{} calculated measure.



          Option 2: You have modified your FIXED{} expression and try to link the parameter with this condition like this

          {FIXED ,.....,...., : SUM(IF [Market]=[Parameter] THEN [Measure] END)} //modify the calculation as per your requirement


          Option 3: You can write the CASE statement like this and check

          CASE [Parameter]

          WHEN "Market" THEN [Fixed Market]

          WHEN "Sub Market" THEN [Fixed Submarket]

          ELSE [Fixed Product]



          Let us know if any of the approach work



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