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    Show / Hide Sheets - Filtering Not Working When Sheet Showing

    Andrew Savage



      I've looked through the Community and couldn't find anything quite specific to my my issue.


      Tableau version 10.1


      I am using a parameter to show / hide 2 tables (tbl 1 = Activity / tbl 2 = Cost)

           Default is Activity so tbl1 shows

           Select Cost, tbl 2 show


      The sheets are active when parameter value is True to the relevant sheet.

      Both sheets occupy the same space on the dashboard



      Activity - Can click in table

      Cost - Unable to click on table


      i thought this may be a Floating Order issue but not the case.

      I'm certain I've not had this problem before and any suggestions would be greatly received.


      I've attached a trimmed down version of the workbook showing only the relevant tables


      thank you in advance