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    Calculate 4 week, 12 week and 52 week YOY between customers

    Marilynn Jouse

      I have a workbook where I need to calculate 4 week, 12 week and 52 week YOY unit % change.  Data is in increment of weeks.


      So far, so good.   Found multiple ways to do that.   HOWEVER, I also need to add a line showing the difference between the chosen customer and the rest of market.   So, for the attached workbook, the values for the line would be Line would show below.   Any ideas?  I'm new to Tableau and have been unable to find a solution, even an alternate solution that would show the values in each pane.  The attached workbook is 10.5.3


      CustvsROM4 weeks12 weeks52 weeks
      Line would show-5.70%-8.52%-1.34%