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    replacing blank values with a number and include it while doing a grand total.

    Aditya Mayank Shankar

      Hi Guys! I am very new in tableau so my question/doubt could be very silly.


      Problem:  There are values assigned to every code. Below is the table.





      I have to count the occurrence per week for each code for list of people. When i do it my worksheet looks like this:



      according to the occurrence and the points associated, I am getting grand total. But here are blank values. The reason for this, even tho if the value of the week is not present for a person, it has to be displayed. In other words, lets take the first row. Here in database only value for week 40 exists. I am using an option in analysis to show empty rows.

      The condition I have to use is that, if for the week, there is no occurrence of the code (that means the value is blank) i have to replace blank value with value 50. and this 50 has to be counted in the grand total.

      So Firstly i formatted the blanks to be 50, but that 50 is not counted towards the grand total.



      In the end I want the grand total to include 50.

      is there a way that I can implement this?


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