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    Weekdays alignment when parameter value changes

    Rohit keskar

      Hi All


      I am kind of stuck at aligning the dates on my dashboard. I have 3 worksheets (Incoming, Outgoing, Grand Total) which are based out of the same parameter.

      I am only displaying the weekday values (used a calculation to hide Sat. & Sun).

      The part where I am stuck is:

      > As I change my parameter to different dropdown value (which has values for few dates). It stretches out the view and values don't correspond to a correct date.

      > The third worksheet, starting from 'Grand Total' doesn't have values each 'Friday' of the week. I am trying to display the 'Friday' as I need the dashboard look consistent.


      This screenshot is when all values are populated for each weekday date, but missing 'Friday' in the Grand Total worksheet:

      The below screenshot is when I have missing values for few weekday dates, but I need to show them either BLANK or 0.



      Thanks for helping.