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    Landing page Action Filter  layout with a lot of values

    Yingying Zeng

      I need to design a landing page so that  the user can  click it to  jump to another dashboard with the action filter . The values I used are  the manager names , which have about 1-10 values based on the department  for now.  So the department will be first layer filter and the managers names are the second layer filter .Also number of  the manager names will increase when hiring more people  as managers so that they will increase accordingly.


      Since it is a landing page, I need to make it look nice and the challenge is the layout of the manager names. The bubble chart to show manager names looks bad(tree maps do not look good too) . Then I am thinking about using Hex ,which is nice but can we use Hex here when it is not  a map? Hex is probably also hard to maintain ,which need to add numbers to fix the positions.  Is there any other custom chart, which is nice and neat we can use here?Any ideas for how to design the landing page are highly appreciated .


      Thank you so much