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    Using one dimension to filter two data sources in same worksheet

    Ravit Thapar

      Hello All,



      Data source 1 (Package) has information about items, brands, cost and packages (a package is a bundled group of items)

      Data source 2 (Individual) has information about similar items, brands and their costs. (No package info here)


      [Sample workbook attached]


      I am trying to filter my worksheet "Sheet 1" using the "Brand" dimension. However, I am only able to filter the items/cost based on the "Brand" dimension from the respective data source. For example, if I filter using "Brand" dimension in the "Individual" data source then only item/costs related to "Individual" data source are filtered (to check quickly in the attached workbook - Try to filter the "Sheet 1" to "brand_D" value and you would notice what I am trying to convey here).


      I am trying to achieve for the worksheet to filter items/costs based on the "Brand" dimension irrespective of the data source (or in other words, for both data sources) WITHOUT having the "Brand" dimension in the rows/columns.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.


      Please let me know if there are any additional questions.

      Thank you so much.