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    TC18 Material

    Derek Alsup

      Hello! I hope that everyone that went to TC18 had a great time.


      This was my first conference, does anyone know when the material from the hands on sessions can be downloaded and where it can be downloaded from?

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          Albert Alaluf

          Hello Derek,


          Per Tableau it should be here today. Not published yet.





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            Albert Alaluf

            So far, big disappointment. I found tonight Tableau added the session presentations. However, there is no single Tableau Workbook/Dashboard link is published. All presentation are in good quality, but I was expecting to get workshop files. I hope Tableau continues to post session demo files too.


            Another thing it is not easy to reach to the links, not practical. You should go each link one by one which you are interested and you will download the presentation or watch from Youtube or you may choose YouTube playlist and play from there.


            For me the most important part was the demo workbooks!!!