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    Tableau Server Folder Structure Inquiry

    nicole castanon

      How do you structure your folders?  Our organization is trying to figure out the best way to set-up folders so that everyone has a workspace but also feels open to share completed dashboards so that others can benefit from the information.


      Things to note:

      My understanding is that anything published using confidential data will need an extraction with of aggregate data or confidential data removed in order to those without permissions to be able to view the data.

      I am also under the impression that anyone creating anything in server will only have access to existing data sources.  


      My folder structure idea is below.  Please let me know your thoughts!


      Data folders that include:

      Confidential Data

      Shared Data


      Sandbox folders that include:

      Shared access across the organization

      Group/business unit specific


      Published dashboards folders include:

      Strategic goals - dashboards aligned to our goals so that they are easy to find by anyone looking for information on the topic including executives

      Confidential business - this is for what cannot be shared with everyone and creator would need to justify why

      Public dashboards - this is anything that can be shared with others outside the organization