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    Tableau Desktop: Refreshing data source saved in local file system



      Desktop version: 10.5


      Following is my use case:

      - I am trying to extract tweets continuously over hours and save it as CSV files in my local file system.

      - I need to read the files into Tableau and refresh AUTOMATICALLY (set some time interval)

      - Then perform sentiment analysis for the tweets over time.



      - I understand I can connect to some data source and read in tweets, but what is the time interval Tableau provides for the refresh? (Can I refresh every 15 mins?)

      - If someone here has already implemented this, what is the best data source option to execute this use case? (SQL server?)

      - Do I need Tableau Server to real-time streaming?


      I found a link which is the same use case (minus the sentiment analysis) -  Visualize live Twitter data to spark engagement | Tableau Software. But I need help with "how to connect/read" tweets in real time and update the viz in tableau?