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    Desktop to Online - Mark Moves

    Chris Boone

      I have a map that I've enable all marks to show and allow them to overlap. When I view it in the desktop version the marks all display in the correct places. Once I publish the dashboard and open the view on Tableau Online all but one of my marks are in the correct location (Image attached). I use sets to lump the states into our custom regions and have checked our data to make sure a bad entry hadn't wiggled its way in to throw off the regions. I am also letting Tableau determine the outline of the states. On desktop I am able to re position the marks as needed but for some reason when editing Online They are all set in stone.

      Any help or insight into what may be causing this to happen and a possible fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

      note: I am only showing the continental U.S. in the Viz but found the label for the estranged mark off in Asia.reference.png