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    How to calculate the difference of two values?

    Felipe Caon

      Hello all, I vanished the forums looking for the answer for this, but could find one that could satisfy my requirements.


      What I want to do: I need to make a calculated field where it will be populated with the difference of [Actual] based on yearmon


      Example: For 201809, it should be [Actual] of metric label, 201809 - [Actual] of metric label, 201809, by type

                      For 201807, it should be [Actual] of metric label, 201807 - [Actual] of metric label, 201806



      How can I do it?




      If i want the difference of Volume/NARDT for 201909, it should be -63609 - (null), because 201808 is non existent

                                              Volume/NARDT for 201907, it should be 3647 - (305) blue box - red box in image 1



      Any help?