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    Row level security with USERNAME and ISMEMBEROF

    Fernando Mendoza



      We have an oracle database as our data-source, we created a tableau_users table which includes USERNAME, DISPLAY_NAME along with hierarchical columns defining CODE, DIVISION, BRANCH, SUB-BRANCH.


      We've been able to configure row_level security with a user_filter where USERNAME () = [Username],  it works great. The data-source table is an outer left join on tableau_users and the table containing the data joined by CODE. When a user logs-in, they can only see data for their CODE. However we have users that should be able to see ALL codes. Within the tableau server, we've created several groups, can we augment the current user-filter to first look at what group the person logged-in belongs to? Wondering if ISMEMBEROF is the solution.


      In other words USERNAME() = [USERNAME] show only data the belongs to their code, if ISMEMBEROF = "Department Head" show ALL codes.  Is this possible?