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    Folders created when using TABCMD to extract a workbook




      I am using the script below to extract a workbook from Tableau Server (using ver 2018.2). Frequency is daily.


      SET "TABLEAU_PATH=D:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\bin.20182.18.1009.2120"

      SET "OFF_LINE_PATH=O:\extracts"


      "%TABLEAU_PATH%\tabcmd" get "/workbooks/workbook123.twbx" -f "%OFF_LINE_PATH%\workbook123.twbx"


      For some reason, the following folders are created in the extraction directory OFF_LINE_PATH.

      Is this normal? Note that, if I delete them, they are not always created the next day, but they appear after a week or so. This is very confusing.

      These folders are empty or irrelevant for my extraction. Can I avoid creating them?