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    Tableau Server administrator account

    ChandrasekharaRao Andagunda

      Hi Admins,


      Post integration of tableau server with LDAP (RHDS) in RHEL 7.3 OS, TSM is successfully initialized.

      To access server and also to finalize installation we ought to create Tableau server's admin account.


      While issuing following command, we encounter error...from CLI


      tabcmd initialuser --server 'localhost:80' --username 'adminXX' --password 'XXXX@987'

        *** Not authorized

      Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16)


      Pls note: We have created the above user name in LDAP server and has been mapped to user groups 'tableau', 'tsmadmin'.


      Is there something are we missing here?


      Please help us out.....