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    Customize subtotal based on product  category and customer name


      Hi Community,


      I have a requirement from Business Analyst as per the attached screenshot.


      Here  for a customer I have two products -product a and product b along with its corresponding policies and sales total. I have to customize subtotals header /label which I am  un able to implement when i used format label option in subtotals option .I can change static but unable to do dynamically change label name according to product name as well as fields




      I have to mention and format  Retirement Cornerstone total label  to add the Retirement Cornserstone product premium subtotals  and for accumulator product, i have to format accumulator total label to show accumulator related sub totals as shown in the screenshot.Then after that , I have to mention and add a custom row for the owner name total with its product total purchased.

      For ex., Kyle Evans total shows all the total of the corresponding product purchased .


      In the above Tableau, I have to format label  accumulator subtotal instead of Total (label option) in place of total  for accumulator and for similarly, I have to mention Retirement Cornerstone for Retirement product total.Here also, i have to format the default total and change it to Retirement product subtotal when policies related to Retirement Cornserstone are present.

      Before Grand total, I have to add custom rows :RVP namelike Bob stansbury total to show both products subtotal as per the requirement..



      Can you please give ideas how to format subtotal according to product name and RVP  as per the excel sheet . I have attached the workbook for your reference