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    Full Text Not Returned in Visual; Why can't I scroll? How can I hack this? What do you think?

    Tatiana Hernandez

      Hi World,


      Having an issue with Tableau when displaying text visuals. Consider a table of X and Y, in X is an unique identifier and in Y is text from a document sometimes pages long. When selecting an element in Y only a portion of text is shown. The text is truncated at a certain length and would not let me scroll down to view the rest of the text.  My goal is to load all characters for each value in Y (it varies) since it seems to be constrained by frame size I'd also like to be able to scroll to the bottom.


      Please help with what you can.


      Note: In the public version there is no restriction and you are able to scroll. However on our own server we are not.




      Tatiana Q.


      https://public.tableau.com/views/Exampledata_0/Dashboard1?:embed=y&:display_count=yes&publish=yes https://public.tableau.com/static/images/Ex/Exampledata_0/Dashboard1/1.png