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    Assistance with Defining Months and LOD to filter out duplicates

    Tiffiny Townsend

      Hello All!


      I require assistance for the following:

      Donald Duck is featured in a Quarterly File.  Each Quarter has an End Date that is used to define Monthly Eligibility Month#.  I have already completed a pivot table on Eligibility Month to aide in getting to the information that I need.

      I am trying to answer the following questions.


      1. Utilizing the Period End Date to Define the Months for Each Eligibility Flag.   See below for Q3 example and the definition of months.


      For example, Q3- End Date 3/31

      Month 1 = April of previous year

      Month 2= May of previous year

      Month 3= June of previous year

      Month 4= July of previous year

      Month 5 = August of previous year

      Month 6 = September of previous year

      Month 7= October of previous year

      Month 8= November of previous year

      Month 9= December of previous year

      Month 10= January of current year

      Month 11= February of current year

      Month 12= March of current year or the End Date Month and Year



      2. Delimit Duplicates.  I have attempted to do this with Fixed LOD Statement.  No year should have more than 12 months.


      3. Be able to sum the total eligible months by Quarter, Year and Over All Periods.


      I am attaching my example workbook in V2018.2


      I greatly appreciate any help or insight.