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    How to see the count in each column for Top/Bottom N

    Yichao Tang

      Hi boss,


      I have 4 columns as below: ( Packed workbook(2018.2)  attached )




      It tells the Employee ID with score for 10+ zones and 4 modalities .


      The graph want to show how many people and the % for each zone in top/bottom N (of score) people for all modalities or for single modality.


      like this:

      Top and bottom N.PNG



      Filters or parameters will be:

      1. Modality: All , ModalityA, ModalityB, ModalityC, ModalityD

      2.Top N:  List (10, 20,30...)

      3.Bottom N: List (10,20,30...)


      Key points to looking for answer:

      1. How to see the count in Top/bottom N for all modalities and as well I can choose to see it for single modality.

      2. How to show the %, marked at the header of the bar.



      Let me know if it is not clear enough. Appropriate in advance. Online waiting...