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    Include Function: I'm doing something wrong

    Ben Perlman

      I essentially need to calculate the average of the sum of the number of records per hour and graph it on a dual axis graph.  I'm not sure if I am approaching this correctly in the attached.


      The formula I use is:


      { INCLUDE [Hour]: SUM([Number of Records])}


      One of the values dimensions is a string (TFH Result).  I count the # of tfh results by hour, and then also include a line of the average by hour.   The sum by hour is fine, but the average of the sum by hour is not.   It seems to work okay in the attached workbook but I don't think I am approaching this correctly as it isn't working properly in another workbook... can someone please advise?


      **I'm using INCLUDE rather than fixed so I can filter by a number of different values**