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    How to Display Total Average and Dimension Averages on same Row?

    Mark Tsugawa

      I have two measures - Active Users and Sessions - segmented by Week and Platform (i.e., Web, iOS and Android).


      I've created a calculated field, "Sessions per Active User", to show the average number of sessions per active user for the week by platform.  This works great for each platform, but I also want to show the overall average "sessions per active user" for the week regardless of the platform.


      I'm also have created parameters and calculated fields to allow the (report) users to select which metric they want to view on the charts.


      The attached workbook contains my work to date.


      As you can see, for the week ending 27-Oct-18, there are a total of 1,555,334 Active Users and 7,618,559 Sessions.  The overall average "Sessions per Active User" should be 4.898 (7,618,559 / 1555,334).


      However, when you select the "Sessions per User" metric from the "Select Metric" pull-down menu, the "Total" column shows the sum of the three dimension "Sessions per User" averages.


      How can I get the overall "Sessions per User" to display in the "Total" column?


      Thanks in advance for your help.




      P.S.  Workbook created using version 10.5