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    Can you use two different fonts in a table and/or a legend

    Victor Clarke

      This is a rather strange question. I am using Tableau to create various charts / figures for a PhD on ancient history (ancient Egypt to be precise).


      To date I have done all my figures in English. However it has been suggested to me that where the figures include either a person's name or the title they hold, that I should use Ancient Egyptian font (the font is called TrLit_CG Times).


      Thats easy where the figure only includes items that are Ancient Egyptian, but doesn't work where the figure has a mix of Ancient Egyptian and English. See the attached two examples which are screen shots of a table and a legend which both have 9 items in Ancient Egyptian, and 2 items that are in English (Other honorifics and no honorific held). As you can see the TrLit_CG Times is turning the English items into rather strange caricatures of the words (not surprising!).


      To fix this, I would need to be able to select the individual line of the table or the individual item in the legend, and change its font to a different font. However when I right click on an individual line / legend item and change the format, the font changes for the whole column / legend. I was however able to change the font for the total of the table in the formatting pane.


      Does anyone know is there any way to change the font of individual line items in a table?  Don't worry about getting the TrLit font - if you can show how its done with Calabri vs Arial or any two fonts that would be great? Maybe those people working with Tableau in non English speaking countries (Arabic or Chinese for example) have to deal with this issue from time to time and found a solution?


      Thanks in advance