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    Vizalerts Installation Problems

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello All,


        I am excited to get VizAlerts working and using it on a daily basis to automate away all of my reporting troubles /sarcasm.

      Unfortunately, I am having trouble during installation and none of the installation specfics errors pertain to me.  I am new to being a server admin so I truly hope this is not human error but hopefully it is a quick fix if that is the case.


      Vizalerts installation server login issue.PNG


      I have gotten to this portion where Vizalerts Config Workbook is loaded in Desktop and I need to connect to my server.

      Does it make a difference that my Tableau server is run on a Microsoft Azure cloud instance?  I added the IP address of the cloud instance as a trusted IP host.  


      I have triple checked that my readonly password is correct.  I have tried my domain host name with and without the preceding HTTPs://.


      An error occurred while communicating with PostgreSQL.



      Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

      could not connect to server: Connection timed out (0x0000274C/10060)

      Is the server running on host "DOMAIN HOST NAME" (IP ADDRESS) and accepting

      TCP/IP connections on port 8060?



      Unable to connect to the server "DOMAIN HOST NAME". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database


      Have I made a mistake somewhere?


      Thank you for your help and insight!

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          Matt Coles

          Hey Daniel. Have you already run through these steps to open access up to the Tableau Server repository? Collect Data with the Tableau Server Repository - Tableau. That's the second step listed in the install guide for the Tableau Server steps, so if you haven't done that yet, it would explain the issue.

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            Daniel Lawrence



              Thank you for the response.  I did go through that step and I just redoubled the effort and re-enabled the readonly user with a new password, configured, and restarted the server.  Still no luck connecting to port 8060 or 8062.   As I mentioned earlier, I am rather new to being a server admin, is there a way to check what port is opened up for pgsql.port currently?  I see from multiple sources including here that 8060 is the default port of pgsql.port but I had to do some work with Tableau support to resolve an earlier issue that displayed port exhaustion so we had to extend the range of usable ports.  I am not sure if that changed my defaults.


            FYI, if it matters I am on Server 2018.1 on an Azure cloud instance. 

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              Matt Coles

              You're right, the port should be 8060. I doubt changing the port ranges would have affected that. But to check using the TSM command, it's:


              tsm configuration get --key pgsql.port



              The most probable thing might be that your requests aren't making it to the server, though. Can you ensure that you can directly ping the machine hosting PostgreSQL? Not the main URL you'd use to access Tableau Server from a browser, but the actual host name, so you're not going through a load balancer.


              Another thing you can check is the log file for the PostgreSQL database, at [install folder]\data\tabsvc\logs\pgsql. If your request made it to the PostgreSQL server, and it rejected it, it will appear there.



              Finally, if you've enabled SSL on the internal PostgreSQL database, you'll need to check the SSL box on your Desktop connection.



              Hopefully some of that helps...

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                Daniel Lawrence



                   Thank you for clarifying quite a bit!


                I confirmed that 8060 is still the default port for pgsql.port which is nice.  I also confirmed that I require the use Secure Socket Layers. Two down.


                I checked the log file for PostgreSQL and there was only four files I could find that conformed to the time of my most recent login attempt.  It is located in the pg_stat_tmp folder and they are all STAT files.  I could not immediately read any of them and after consulting docs I did not gain much new insight.  It seems like having a new file created whenever there is a failed login attempt is enough to say that the server is reachable.


                Finally, I am a little embarrassed to ask, how do I determine the actual host name of the machine hosting PostgreSQL rather than just the URL?  As I mentioned, it is a cloud instance so it probably is going through a load balancer. 


                Thank you for all of your help so far!

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                  Matt Coles

                  Go to the Status page, which shows all the hosts in your cluster. If you only have one, this is easy. If you have multiple, check the bottom row for Repository being checked. Then look to the top of the column, and that's your hostname that you want to use.


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                    Daniel Lawrence

                    Host Name.PNG


                    I am not sure if that is going to be helpful.  Host name is just TableauServer.  I tried using just TableauServer, TableauServer.DOMAIN NAME, DOMAIN NAME/TableauServer, all with no success.  In fact, when I use the DOMAIN NAME, it is the only entry that is actually queried for 10-20 seconds.  Everything else immediately throws an error.


                    I am able to ping TableauServer but not for purposes of PostgreSQL apparently. 


                    TableauServer ping test.PNG

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                      Toby Erkson

                      Try TableauServer@YourDomainName.

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                        Daniel Lawrence



                        Unfortunately, that did not work either. 

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                          Matt Coles

                          Firewall stuff? Maybe you've got Windows firewall on the server that's blocking traffic to 8060? That's the only other thing I can really think of.

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                            Daniel Lawrence

                            Nope, I checked all the firewall settings and everything Tableau is allowed through Windows Firewall. 


                            I checked the PostgreSQL log file again and it created another file for my most recent login attempt.  So I would assume that means my DOMAN NAME is correct, but there is something blocking the connection from being accepted.


                            Would tableau support be of any help on this or are they subsidiary to you Matt?

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                              Matt Coles

                              Yes! You can definitely get their help connecting to postgreSQL, as that is supported product functionality. I would not mention VizAlerts, simply because they've been told to send those requests to this forum--it'll help avoid confusion.

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                                Daniel Lawrence

                                Matt Coles, after a lengthy back and forth process between Tableau Tier 2 server support, myself, and my network admin it was finally discovered that Windows firewall was blocking my IP address on the cloud server machine.  Once that was resolved, I can now connect to the PostgreSQL server.


                                Following VizAlerts/install_guide.md at master · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub , I have reached "Open VizAlertsConfig" workbook #8.



                                As you can see, I have the workbook and connected to PostgreSQL server:

                                Vizalerts Signed In to postgresql.PNG


                                But Sheet 1 does not include anything as it does in the installation guide:

                                vizalerts blank sheet 1.PNG


                                Did I miss something along the way?


                                Running on Tableau Desktop 2018.1 and Tableau Server 2018.1.



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                                  Matt Coles

                                  Daniel, great to hear that you were able to work through the firewall issue!


                                  That sheet should be blank until you have created the VizAlerts schedules, and until you have actually subscribed a viz to one of those schedules. The sheet tells VizAlerts what alerts need to be run, and when. So if you have none set up, you should expect to see none on the sheet.


                                  If you have already set up your schedules, and subscribed something, then something should show. If it isn't, it could be that the schedule_name_filter parameter needs to be adjusted to match what you named your schedules as.


                                  Let me know if that helps.


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                                    Daniel Lawrence



                                       I have setup schedules and subscribed a viz to it as shown below:

                                    VizAlerts Schedule Subscription.PNG


                                    But the data is still empty when I load the vizalertsconfig workbook.  The schedule_name_filter parameter is not editable nor present as shown below:

                                    VizAlerts Empty data.PNG

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