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    How to combine two string fields with same content, just different title

    Rachel Horne

      I know that I can manually rename the fields and create a separate union, however I have 3 different data sets that I am using Tableau Prep to 'input' using the wildcard union.  When I go view the fields, I have two: one titled Supervisor, the other titled SUPERVISOR. 



      I want to combine these so they are one field titled: Manager


      I tried creating a calculated field ([SUPERVISOR] + [Supervisor]) but because it is adding the 'null', the new Manager field is null. 


      This is a sample of how the data looks without real names and the formatting:


      While it would be great to have the data be formatted the same on the front end, I cannot control the output I receive.


      What is the best way to create a calculated field so I can have the following appear as a combined field?



      I appreciate your help!