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    ODBC connection returns negative integers as 2 to the 32nd power plus the integer value

    David Georg

      (2 to the 32nd power is – 4,294,967,296) so if the integer value is -10 then tableau adds this value to 4,294,967,296 and returns 4,294,967,286.  We reported this issue to Tableau support. They said they give minimal support for ODBC problems and directed us to the document titled "ODBC/SQL Customizations Reference" and implied we should start hacking to resolve the issue. Well the documentation is fair but no examples of how to modify. Anyway does anyone have experience with the ODBC customization processes?


      1. the ODBC driver works properly with MS Access and Excel. So it is an issue between Tableau and our ODBC driver.

      2. the ODBC driver is called CONNX

      3. the data source is an old DOS database called Dataflex

      4. all other data types are imported properly.

      5. as per the documentation, we generated a .tds file and tried several changes in the customization section but not luck.


      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.