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    LOD Calculation Help

    vengadesh palani

      Hi ALL


      I have data like below table


      Existing business

      CustomerMonthSalesQuarter Flag
      A10/1/201810Existing business

      New business


      New business

      A7/1/20182New business
      B10/1/20185New business
      C9/1/20185Existing business
      C8/1/201810Existing business
      C7/1/20182Existing business
      C6/1/20184New business
      C5/1/20186New business
      C4/1/20184New business


      when I select a particular Month, dashboard want to show only Existing business customer information but it wants to show all records for last three-month value


      EX: I have selected August/2018 Month


      in August/2018 only C is the Existing business so it wants to show in the dashboard but in Last three-month sales value it wants to consider all recorded (Existing business+New business)


      How can i achieve this Logic



      temp .jpg