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    How do I include data that is filtered out into an equation and also ignore groups

    Drew Koester



      So I have a problem I cannot quite figure out. I know I need to use an LoD equation, but I cannot figure out the correct syntax.


      So here is the data I need to bring the value into a formula for:

      Cost Center: 99898

      Sub Account: 9999


      My issue is I have that cost center filtered out, and that sub account only is used for that cost center.


      I also has 5 groupings of cost centers of which none of the groups contain 99898 that I need to use that data for as a divisor.


      Group A

      Group B

      Group C

      Group D

      Group E


      Ex. I need the result of Group A cost centers / the result of cost center 99898, sub account 9999

      and the same for B,C,D, and E


      I know that explanation is very bad, but hopefully someone will understand my issue.