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    How large is the Tableau Community?

    Ivan Young

      While we have many familiar faces here in the Tableau community who seem to account for the bulk of the contributions I was wondering how many people are part of the Global Tableau Community?

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          Ken Flerlage

          What an interesting question. Would be great to have some data on that.


          There were 17,000 people at the conference last week and that's obviously just a sub-set. And Tableau's website notes that they have more than 50,000 customer accounts. Even if each of those accounts had only 10 people on average, that would be 500,000 people. Plus, you can't forget Tableau Public. Many people use Public to learn Tableau (I did) or for actual business purposes (such as online news sites), so that makes the community even larger. I'd certainly have to guess that we're talking about a number in the millions.

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