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    Evolution Rate - Row and previous row comparison

    Hic Boux

      Hello everyone,


      I'm new on Tableau and try to compute some statistics through the "Calculated Field" menu. I'm sorry if this question was too often asked but I haven't found yet my answer among old posts.


      I tried to compute an evolutiaDon rate of the price as following : ( Price (t) / Price (t-1) ) - 1


      So I tried so formula in the calculated field editor :


      (LOOKUP(SUM([Price]), 0) / LOOKUP(SUM([Price]), -1)) - 1


      (SUM([Price]) / PREVIOUSaD_VALUE(SUM([Price]))) - 1


      Both are valid according to the editor but both created columns are full of "Undefined" values and a warning message is displayed at the top of each of them : "this field contains an aggregate calculation which only contains meaningful data in the visualization's level of detail". What does it mean exactly please ? Do you know which formula is right to calculate this evolution rate between 2 prices ?


      Thank you in advance for your help.


      Best regards,