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    Conditional Coloring of a single measure in the Table

    Kashish Bhola

      Hi community!


      How can i color only the Difference row with the condition that

      If [Metrics]="PAGE 1 " and Difference>=2 then "RED" else "GREEN" end  (NOTE: My difference is aggregated so it is giving me Don't mix aggregated and Non-aggregated)

      And also in the same field i have to give this also that

      If [metrics]="Page 2" or [metrics]="Page 3" and [difference]<=5 then "RED" Else Green


      And i want to rotate this label Yesterday and Difference to Horizontal

      and i have created "0" for coloring and i have removed 0 and given Title as Yesterday.



      Please Help!


      Thanks in Advance

      Kashish Bhola