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    Tooltip and Colour query

    Michael Begg



      Please see attached workbook, which replicates a real issue I am having using APAC - Superstore.


      I am trying to build a sheet that displays approx 30 fields in columns for 200 records in the rows. Importantly, most of the column fields are actually dimensions (text fields).


      My requirement is:

      1. [Order Date], [Category] and [Manufacturer] should appear in the tooltip for every record/field.
      2. [Country] should only appear in the tooltip when the users hovers over a record in the Country column. Likewise for Segment.

      I can achieve the above on Sheet 1.

         3. [Flag_Colour] should be applied to all rows so that rows are different colours depending on Flag_Colour.

      I can achieve the above on Sheet 2 by setting it to display as 'Square' and increasing the size to Max.


      Unfortunately I can't achieve 2 and 3 above on the same sheet. Once the size is increased to Max, [Country] does not display in the tooltip when I hover over the country column. Likewise for segment.


      Please try it for yourself and let me know.