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    List out people with having all selected skills

    lalitha p

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to have my report to be filtered out like this.

      I have a dashboard where it represents people with skills in my organization.

      Currently dashboard is having a filter Skills which they can filter out for the required skills?  If they filter out for Tableau,  it lists out the people having Tableau and their level in Tableau from 1-5 and details.

      But my team wants to have a look something like this.

      They wants to filter out on skills with Tableau , MS Power BI,  Project management. i.e they want to see the people who is having both Tableau, MS BI and Project management. like combination of skills from a filter, Is that possible ?

      If we select Tableau and MS BI, Project Mgmt from only single filter, it lists out all 3 people.

      eg., In the below list,

      Person         Skills

      XXX           Tableau

      XXX           Excel

      XXX           Project Mgmt

      YYY           MS BI

      YYY           PowerPoint

      ZZZ           Tableau

      ZZZ           MS BI

      ZZZ           Project Mgmt

      AAA           Project Mgmt

      AAA           Java

      In this case i should get only ZZZ who is having 3 skills , but it lists out all 4 people as one of the skills available with all 4 people.

      I really didn't get any clue how to get this. Can anyone please help me.