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    Row Based Conditional Formatting

    naveen sai

      Hello Tableau Experts: I have 2 requests


      1. In the attached workbook, in the YTD Monthly Metrics report,I am trying to defined the quick table calculation with a different name. I copied the formulaes using the quick edit window and copied the calculation but the result is not shown correctly for % differences. For ex: MoM Listeners %Diff is giving as zero for all the months.


      2. I want to highlight/RED Color  the cells where the MoM Listeners %Difference is > 10% or 0.1, is it possible ? For Eg: I want to highlight the difference -11.85% and -11.98% in RED color for that KPI/Metric/Row.


      Appreciate your immediate help on this.


      Please see the attached workbook.



      Warm Regards,

      naveen sai.