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    How to sort a mark on a per bar basis of a bar graph?

    Rafael Benavent

      My data looks something like this:


      Card Type | Station Name


      Card Type: Senior, Student, or Adult


      I used this data to make a bar graph with the station name on the rows axis, and the number of entries in the data in the columns axis. For marks, I used Card Type.


      The problem:

      Let's say I have station X where most users where Adults, followed by Students, then Seniors. Seniors might be drawn at the end of the bar even though it only represents a tiny portion of users of that particular station.

      What I want is each bar is sorted within itself in ascending order.

      So for station X, Adults should be drawn first, then Students then Seniors.

      If station Y is used most by Students, Seniors, then Adults, then the sort order of the mark within this bar should be Students, Seniors, Adults.


      If possible I would also like to make the marks overlap (since they will be drawn in descending order, overlapping should not hide data)


      So far, it seems that every sort I've tried applies to the entire graph, and not on a per bar basis.