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    For a line graph showing [# of Users] by [Step], how can I branch/bifurcate the graph to the show the breakdown of the 3 options for Step 3 (Step 3A, 3B, 3C)

    Michael Cunningham

      Tableau 2018.2.3 (Mac)


      I'm plotting the # of Users who complete each Step along a conversion path. There are 3 options to complete Step 3 (A, B, and C), so I would like to somehow branch or annotate the line graph showing the total # of users who completed step 3 into 3 segments for Step 3 (A), Step 3 (B), and Step 3 (C).


      Is this possible? If not, can I add a label that shows the breakdown of users that completed each option for Step 3. Below is an image of a sketch showing what I'm looking to do. I'm also open to and would really appreciate any recommendations for other ways I can accomplish something similar in one graph.

      Sample workbook_Users by Step_goal graph view.png

      Attached is a packaged workbook with sample data.