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    How can i show current year and previous year YTD calculations with Parameter (Selected Months)?

    Yavuz Temucin



      I want to create a dashbaoard with month selection (parameter).


      When i select the month i should show current month, previous month and last year same month values. Also It should show me current year and previous year ytd values (cumulative) again with month selection. Everything should change just month selection (parameter).


      I managed current month, previous month, and last year same month values


      if ([Date] >= dateadd('month',-1,[Select Month])

          and [Date] <dateadd('month',1,[Select Month]) )

      or ([Date] >= dateadd('month',-12,[Select Month])

          and [Date] <dateadd('month',-11,[Select Month]) )

      then [Date] end


      But i couldn't handle ytd calculation. Could you please help?


      You can find the report view and file below.



      LY (previous year month)M-1MLY (previous year)CY (current year)