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    How do I create a Circle Map view with Geo-Encoded data?

    Steven Grey

      Project:  I have a radio listening to certain frequencies recording weak signal reports from other amateur radio operators.


      Data:  In the data,  they send a call-sign (who they are) and their location.   The location is in a unique maidenhead format that the amateur radio community is familiar with.  I wrote a python script to convert the maiden head value EM85Lp (for instance) into a approximate latitude / longitude value.


      It allowed me to produce this:



      Which is a basic visualization to say where the signals come from.  Each point is a call-sign and the color of the dot changes based on how far away from my location they are.


      It would be immensely helpful if I could turn this into a circle map,  Example:


      circle map.png


      What a circle map would allow me to do is visualize each contact as a straight line from point of reception (origin) and allow me to overlay an antenna pattern to validate theoretical performance with actual.


      I think I am close.  I just need to figure out how to turn the square map to circle map..   Any ideas?  


      BTW sort of new with Tableau, so be merciful .  I picked it up when I was getting my MBA and did a few projects.  I wouldn't call myself a Zen master