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    Overlapping 2 sets of Lat Long in one Map

    Adil Jamal

      Hi Community,

      I've 2 data sets. I'm creating a map of fire count (related to agriculture) in 3 states of India. In my first data set, I have the geolocation in form of Latitude and Longitude of the areas where a fire is reported. (The file name is '26oct18') and the lat-long data is present in 'Measures' section.

      The 2nd data set is the shapefile of those areas which provides the boundary of the area under consideration. The file name is 'Pb_hr_WesternUP.shp' and the shapefile is named 'Geometry'.



      This is how my first sheet looks. (The fire count)




      This is how the Shapefile looks.


      I want these two sheets to join in one sheet. But I'm unable to do it. Please help.