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    Filtering for several rows based on several columns in a single row

    Nick Baiamonte

      I've been racking my brain trying to figure out this one.


      In our data table, one column, [API], is a unique identifier for each well.  We also have two other columns in the same row identifying the previous and next neighbor for that well.  These are along the lines of [API neighbor previous] and [API neighbor next].  Is there any way to filter our data set to just display these groups of wells, preferably with a single value slider?


      For example, if the table were to look something like this and I was looking at the first row for well 42-A, I would also want the rows for 42-B and 42-C to be visible in a chart.

      APIStateBasinHole DirectionAPI neighbor previousAPI neighbor next


      Any way to do this?