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    Looking to upgrade tableau server from 10.1 to 2018.1 version

    Hemaraj Ashtankar

      Hi All,


      I am planning to upgrade tableau server from 10.1 to 2018.1 version


      please find below scenario :


      We have two server 1. prod  2. DR tableau server


      For DR

      i have renew licence key for tableau server and working fine and its already upgraded in 2018.1 version


      For PROD Tableau server :

      In prod tableau server ( 10.1 version ) maintenace licence date expire  and want to upgrade in 2018.1


      So First , i want to take backup from prod tableau server and want to restore in DR tableau server


      So question is ..if i restore back in DR tableau server so will expire licence information  update in DR or it will be same renewal date   which was already in DR


      While taking backup ..should i take full backup or without configuration


      is there any one have steps for it please  give me link


      Regard ,


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Hemaraj,


          Restoring a backup file (*.tsbak) into your DR environment won't update the licensing information.   Licensing is stored in "trusted storage" so the DR environment should keep the same renewal date and won't be impacted at all.


          In regards to taking a backup file, starting with version 2018.2.x it's no longer an all or nothing scenario when you take a backup file.  But since you'll be upgrading to 2018.1.x that would be the case.  But really anytime you're taking a backup file from one environment and restoring it to another, the --no-config option should be used.    The backup file has 3 major parts:   copy of the postgres database, extract files, and the settings(yml) files.   When you restore with --no-config it's really the yml files you're leaving behind which is actually what you want since it's just the workbooks contained in the postgres database and your existing extract files that you want restored.   Your other environment will have different IP addresses, etc so unless you're doing an *in place* upgrade, you want to use --no-config.