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    Tooltip filtering in dashboard

    Diego Parker

      Hi, I'm fairly new to Tableau and  I have a problem with a Tooltip that is not filtering properly with one of the interactions in my dashboard.

      As you can see, in the "top 10 routes with more incidents" I have one tooltip that details the type of injury. The tooltip reacts properly to all my parameters but when I use the map to filter by borough and then refer to the route, you will notice the tooltip does not filter by selected borough.


      Images for reference:

      IMG 1.png

      Here you can see the tooltip that provides the injury detail is working on hovering.



      The tooltip works for the routes too.


      However, when I filter for a specific borough, the tooltip is not updating for the routes (the number of collision incidents does not correspond to the numbers in the sheet tooltip.



      Thank you for your help!!