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    How to achieve following condition in stack bar chart with 2 color shading (1 from stack bar and other from calculation)

    Sparsh Jain

      How can i create stack bar chart with 2 color shading, Please find the example below. Right now i am able to achieve bar and line chart, but unable to get stacked bar chart with two color shading as shown below.


      Can anyone help me on the same.


      Thanks in advance.



      Explanation: The bar chart represent sales by sub category in ascending order and line chart represent  % of sales in running total and color is represented as >80 % in blue color and more than 80% in red color. So i want to create a stacked bar chart, for actual  and target sales, in which for records >80 % can be in light and dark blue color and records which are more than 80% they should be   light and dark red color.