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    Dashboard > Copy Image...  with New Monitor

    John Keltner



      We use Dashboards with a custom size of 1200  x 600, so they will paste nicely into a 16:9 PowerPoint slide. To match other folks in my group, I found that I needed to change my Windows Display Settings to 125% so that the image would paste into the slide (correctly sized) the same as my co-workers.  Resolution was set at the recommended 1920 x 1080.


      I went from a 22" monitor to a 32" monitor (Samsung LC32F).  Larger, but still a 1920 x 1080 aspect ratio.


      Now when I paste the copied Dashboard Image into my PowerPoint, it is too large by a factor of 1.25-to-1.  My first inclination was to resize the dashboard to 80%, so the I would change the "custom size" to 960 x 480.


      This gets the copied dashboard image to around the desired size overall, but the image doesn't look like other PPT slides in the deck (just don't quite match).


      Question, is there a way to "Scale" the dashboard copied image outside of the "custom size"?