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    How do I add color to one measure one dimension?

    Eugene Jenkins

      This is my first Tableau question - I'm very new (and first report for that matter).  I'm using 2018.2.2.


      I'm trying to color a bar chart in this way:  I have two dimensions: City and Region.  I have a rate for each and I want to compare the City Rate to the Region Rate (there are two bars on the chart (City Rate and Region Rate, which works fine).  I want the Region bar to always be Gray.  I want the City bar to be Red if the City Rate is below the Region Rate and Green if the City Rate is above the Region Rate.  That's it.


      I have created a calculated field but it changes both bars (i.e. both dimensions, city and region).  I want the colors to go as described above.  I hope it makes sense.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.