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    Dashboard Action Filter/Jump To Other Dashboard - Quick Filter Not Working As Expected

    Dana Chaffin

      I have a dashboard action that goes to another dashboard and filters. I created a sample using Super Store data


      From Dashboard: Simple scatterplot with Profit/Sales broken out by City - if I click on Seattle it'll take me to the To Dashboard where I have two worksheets


      This part works as expected (pictures below)



      10-26-2018 1-57-50 PM.png


      10-26-2018 1-58-15 PM.png


      If, after getting to this dashboard, I wanted to filter on another city (say, Aberdeen) using the City Filter placed on the dashboard from Sheet 2 (and also works with Sheet 3) it doesn't work as expected.

      Sheet 2 filters just fine - Sheet 3 disappears (because the Action Filter is still present) - Pic below



      10-26-2018 2-00-12 PM.png


      I've searched and couldn't find a solution


      What am I missing?


      Thanks for the help (attached is the sample workbook)